The 8 apps every student needs for the New year!

Being a university student is complicated – trust me I know having been one for almost a decade. Between attending classes, studying, making friends, joining societies, developing hobbies and applying for jobs, there are so many balls to juggle that it can quite honestly become quite overwhelming at times. Luckily, we live in modern times and new technology means that we have help right at our fingertips. Below I’ve included my top eight (8) apps that can make university life that much more productive and of course given the student budget – they are completely free!

  1. For Fitness – The Calorie counter: My Fitness Pal App

My fitness pal is an amazing app that helps you get your fitness regime on track. The app allows you to input your goals, track your calories and monitor your diet plan. What’s great about it is that you can easily track your meals by scanning anything with a bar code or searching over 2,000,000 foods in their database. You can also input your daily exercise (e.g. 15 mins on a treadmill) so that they can can accurately calculate how many calories you burned each day. If getting fit is one of your goals for the New Year, click here for the My Fitness Pal app 


  1. For notes – The Office Lens App

Office lens is a student’s dream where note-taking is concerned, since it allows you to capture whiteboards and scan notes all on your phone.  Instead of distractedly trying to jot down key points during class, you can simply snap a picture for later use. The app then cleans up your images and allows you to convert them to PDF, Word or PowerPoint format. You can also scan your friends’ notes and convert these to another more readable format. Note-taking and note-sharing just got a whole lot easier with this app.


  1. For papers and theses – A Referencing App

The app I chose to feature here is APA referencing PRO but you can choose any app that is specific to your chosen referencing style e.g. Harvard, Chicago etc. These apps are quite detailed and let you select what kind of reference you are using (e.g. book chapter – print version, journal article, online magazine etc.) and then you simply type in the information and it generates the perfect reference. No more headaches trying to figure out what needs to be in italics or where to put commas (insert happy dance lol)! Try out the APA referencing pro here.


  1. For productivity – The Stay Focused-App Block

This self-control app is something I only recently discovered, but so desperately needed in my life. How many days have you gone to bed amazed that you did nothing all day expect surf the web and scour social media? Well this app allows you to block any of your chosen sites for a period of time so that you are forced to focus on your work. This is a fabulous tool all year round but especially during the exam period – so give it a try here!


  1. For shopping – The UniDays App

One of the best things about being a student (in my opinion at least) is getting student discounts! In the UK where I studied, most high street stores do substantial discounts for students so you can get anywhere from 10 to 25% off your purchases. This app features discounts from some of the top brands such as ASOS, Mc Donald’s, Levis, Uber, Microsoft etc. so you really can get a discount on just about everything! I used this app religiously and trust me the savings add up, so give the UniDays app a try!


  1. For money – The AndroMoney App

Money is one of the hardest things to come by while at uni – so tracking your money and making it stretch is really important. This colourful and intuitive app works in any currency and allows you to monitor your spending, manage your expenses and generate reports that show where your money went. While it’s admittedly a little tiring to track your money – believe me it pays off, plus being held accountable for your spending tends to help you make more responsible decisions. Give it a try and download the AndroMoney app here.


  1. For safety – Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is a great way to help ensure that you can get help when you need it. The app allows you to quickly and discreetly send a message to you trusted friends alerting them that you are in a tricky situation and forwarding them your GPS location. You can also program your app to call national hotlines or emergency services with the push of a button. Unfortunately, given today’s world and the current climate with violence against women, this app is sadly necessary to help keep students safe. For more safety tips read this article by The Complete University Guide and download the app here.


  1. For inspiration – TED App

Every now and again every student gets demotivated – it’s just a part of academic life. The Ted app is a great ways to get inspired because it is filled with stories of ordinary people who have managed to achieve great things. The app allows you to access over 2,000 TED talks on almost every topic imaginable – so have a look whenever you need a little extra push. Get the TED app.


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Dr Gabi

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