10 Graduation ceremony tips & tricks

It’s graduation season! So seeing as I’ve graduated university three times (BA, MA, Phd) –  allow me give you some quick advice to help make the day less stressful and even more enjoyable!


  1. Arrive earlier than you need to

If there is one day you want everything to be perfect – it’s graduation. However, life happens – car problems, delayed trains, traffic, late parents, so give yourself time to make it to campus in the event of a mishap.


  1. Write a checklist

Believe me, you don’t know stress until you have to turn the car around because you forgot your invitation or cap or camera at home.  So keep a checklist on your phone to save yourself the hassle!


  1. Take snacks

Even if the day runs according to plan, you will end up stuck somewhere in a que…hungry. Trust me – Take a snack!


  1. Don’t forget your charger

Nothing is worse that running out of battery and not being able to contact your friends or take photos. Pack your charger – it will be a lifesaver.


  1. Walk with a change of shoes

Post ceremony is a time to relax and have fun so make sure you’re comfortable and can change out of that dress shoes or heels if need be!


These Ralph & Russo beauties will hurt after awhile!


  1. Carry minimal stuff

This is a time to run around with friends and take crazy photos.  So keep your hands free and carry the bare minimum: charger; flats; cell phone; powder and lipstick (for the ladies)


  1. Plan a meeting spot ahead of time

When those doors open it’s hard to tell who’s who in a sea of caps and gowns. So decide where you and your friends are going to meet up post-ceremony to save yourself time!


  1. Book a reservation for lunch/dinner

If your heart is set on a specific restaurant for your celebratory meal, you need to book it in advance. Remember there are thousands of other grads from your ceremony who are looking for a place to eat too!


9. Take photos with your family too!

While it’s tempting to focus only on your friends – make sure to take some snaps with your family members too. Chances are they supported you all throughout your uni journey so it’s only fair to celebrate with them as well.


10. Enjoy the moment!
Remember nothing is perfect in life – so despite any mishaps try to just take in the moment and celebrate yourself and your fabulous accomplishments!


You’re a graduate now! Congrats!!

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Thanks again!

Dr Gabi

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