6 Quick ways to earn money over the vacation

I don’t know about you, but one of my absolute favourite times of year is the ‘summer’ or ‘July/August’ vacation!  🙂 However hanging out with friends, taking trips and eating everything in sight can become quite pricey, very quickly. So for those of you who haven’t landed a paid internship or summer job, here are some easy ways to make some quick cash to help support that vacay lifestyle!


  1. Have a wardrobe clear-out

Cleansing your wardrobe is great for a number of reasons (more room for new pieces; less clutter; opportunity to actually see what you own), but now you can even make money from it. Sites like Depop and Poshmark give you the opportunity to sell lightly used clothes, shoes and accessories with ease making it easy for you to make quick cash. The sign-up and process are really easy – so give it a go!

Time to clease!                                            (Image: Un-fancy.com)


  1. Sell your text books

Textbooks are ridiculously expensive and the cost of each text increases as the years go by. Selling books that you only used for one course or that you didn’t find particularly useful can be an easy way to make money, all while helping another student access a more affordable book for class. Also remember, if you do need to ever consult that text again, chances are there are more than a few copies in your campus library – so you’re covered.


  1. Sell your skills online

Before you say you don’t have any sellable skills. Trust me – you do. Can you type? Can you handle video-editing? Proofreading? Are you an amateur photographer? All of these skills and practically anything else you can think of are needed right now. So check out reputable sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Task Rabbit and see what’s available!

Work from  home!                                    (Image: Kriten Curette Hines)


  1. Rent out your car to friends/family

A quick way to make some cash is to rent your car to friends or family for a ridiculously low fee (compared to car rental companies). This allows you to help your loved ones while making some cash doing absolutely nothing. However, I recommend only renting to those in your inner circle as renting to strangers can be very risky and sometime even dangerous. P.S. You can also rent other valuables e.g. music equipment/stereos, photography equipment etc.


  1. Ask family/friends if they need a hand

In every household, there is that one task that has been put off forever because no one has gotten around to it. Ask your family members of family friends if there is anything they need doing for which they are willing to pay for assistance. It could be anything from bookkeeping, organising their wardrobe, cleaning out an outdoor shed to editing some writing they are working on. Chances are they will welcome the help from someone they can trust and won’t mind helping you out with your cash flow as well!

Help out at home                       (Photo: Better Homes & Gardens)


  1. Try daily temp work

Temp work is fabulous since unlike a part-time job, you can literally work one or two days a week and have the rest of the week off to relax or hang with friends. Many universities have temping agencies (See Unitemps) or you can use national agencies to help find you work. Also, with temp work you also have the freedom to choose both the types of jobs and shifts you want to work, so you can pick work you’re interested in and design your own schedule!

I hope these suggestions help and do let me know if you have any other ideas that I may have missed!


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Thanks again!

Dr Gabi



*Feature image: Stampcuture on Etsy

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