20 Cheap summer vacation activities

This weekend I went to an amazing free yoga class with one of my girlfriends and it got me thinking about how we often get stuck doing the same activities over and over again every single weekend (e.g. parties, bars, movies etc). That’s why I’ve decided it’s time to refresh my social calendar and mix things up with some fresh new activities! So here’s a list of 20 cheap summer activities that you can on your own or with your partner or friends:



food truck
The Foodtruck awaits!
  1. Take a hike: Regardless of where you live there is a hiking trail nearby, so go get your friends and drag them out of their comfort zone!
  2. Plan a picnic: Yes I know it sounds a bit old school, but laying out in the sun with friends is always a good time! Trust me!
  3. Take a photo road trip: Just drive and stop wherever you see potential for gorgeous scenic photos #instagramgoals
  4. Play tourist: Google the list of free tourist attractions in your city and visit those you’ve never had the time to see!
  5. Visit an outdoor market/fair: they have the best prices and the yummiest sweet treats!
  6. Take in a sunset at the beach: the beach is always fun….however the beach at sunset is amazing!!!
  7. Food truck date: My girlfriends and I scheduled a date for the food truck strip this weekend – I can almost taste the chocolate waffles already!
  8. Have a photo shoot: Dress up, do your make up and hit the road to find cute spaces to take cool photos.
  9. Host a BBQ: Make sure everyone brings one dish and you split the cost of the grilled meats!
  10. Train for a race/event: Instead of always moaning about wanting to get in better shape, get together, pick a goal (10K/Ironman etc./10lbs weight loss) and kill it!



ice cream
It’s time for ice-crea obvs!
  1. Volunteer: Everyone (myself included) talks about wanting to volunteer but often rarely get around to it. So commit to taking a day to volunteer for a good cause.
  2. Try a new workout: I had an absolute blast at my yoga class this weekend and will definitely be going back!
  3. Check out an art gallery: Fortunately most galleries are free, so have a wander around and learn something new!
  4. Go for a coffee or ice-cream date: Much cheaper than going for drinks but just as enjoyable!
  5. Library date: Hit up the library with a friend and swap books after you’ve ready yours!

At home

Home-made brunch!
  1. Plan a girlfriend craft session: Think of something fab to make e.g. candles, wall art, body scrubs etc. and of course add lots of wine!
  2. Host a movie film festival: Save the cinema fees – all you need is friends, wifi and snacks! Decide on your theme e.g. documentaries, classical movies, black & whites and then each person hosts a night/film at her home.
  3. Host a games night: Get everyone to drag the twister, jenga and monopoly out of storage and add some drinks for a perfect night.
  4. Plan a potluck brunch: My friends and I did this recently – we planned a menu, assigned dishes and met up for frittatas, waffles, cupcakes and wine of course!
  5. Search free events online: Facebook lets you know what events are happening around you – so find out what’s happening and get out there!


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Thanks again!

Dr Gabi

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