Inexpensive design ideas for your university bedroom

 Moving to university is an amazing and exciting experience. Part of that experience is moving out on your own and adapting to university housing or dorm/hall life. At university, your dorm room becomes your primary space and quite honestly it’s the only space that is all yours, so investing some time and effort into making it work for you and your lifestyle is well worth it! I hope this blog posts gives you some inspiration regarding simple and affordable ways to turn your dorm/hall room into a space that you’ll love to call home!

  1. Splurge on nice bedding

University rooms are tiny and so the bed naturally becomes the feature of the room. So ensure that you pick a print and colour that you absolutely love, but that most importantly reflects your personality and personal style.



  1. Replace the curtains

Almost every university room comes with the most unflattering curtains – dating back to the 1970s. Changing them will literally transform the room (See below). (Bonus tip: If your university curtains can’t be removed, just do what I did and pin the new curtains to the front the old ones).



  1. Display tons of photos.

As exciting as it is, moving away to university can leave you a bit homesick, so creating a gorgeous photo display to keep your loved ones close is a great idea. These are some of my favourite photo display ideas, but check out Pinterest to find tons more!



  1. Grab a bouquet

Flowers and greenery are great ways to brighten up any room or small space. For the most low-maintenance and cost-effective option, go for faux flowers and plants so that one purchase will last you all year!



  1. Improve the lighting

When you walk in your dorm room for the first time, one of the first things you might notice is that the lighting is quite dim and unflattering. As a quick fix, I recommend ordering a quirky desk lamp which not only adds light, but also injects some colour into your room.



  1. Splurge on cute desk accessories:

Take it from someone who spent almost 8 years at university – you’re going to spend more time at this desk than in any other spot on campus. So it makes sense to spruce up the space and make it more visually exciting with cute accessories e.g. candles, golden pinapple etc.


  1. Consider a rug

University carpets are not known for their aesthetics, so if you happen to be like me and hated the carpet in your room – get a cute rug to cover them up!  Ikea has tons of affordable options including these furry and cozy Instagram famous rugs (see below)! Bonus: You can also use your to lay on when you are stressed and curled up on the floor during exam season!


  1. Create a focal piece

A focal piece is any décor piece that catches your eye when you enter the room!  Your focal piece could be a poster, a large photograph, a floral construction – anything that you love and that helps raise the aesthetic value of the room. Having a focal piece is not only a way to inect your personality/style into your room, but it also doubles as a great conversation starter when friends come over.



Well there you have it! I hope these simple tips help you create a space you love to come home to every night! Stay tuned for our blog on affordable and creative storage options for your dorm/hall room coming soon!

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Thanks again!

Dr Gabi

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