The perfect budget Christmas gift guide

Happy Holidays! Here at My E-Supervisor, we are full of Christmas spirit and can’t wait to finish up our shopping list. Whether you’re the type who loves gift giving or more like myself who agonises over what to get your loved ones – I’ve got you covered! Check out our gift guide below to help you find the most affordable gifts for the season!


For your loved ones who need a little TLC

  • A day at the spa is a treat whether they love beauty treatments or deep massages
  • Body care products like luxurious lotions, face masks or bath bombs are always a win
  • Candles or diffusers so they can unwind at home
  • A Journal will help give them a space to clear their minds
  • A tea sampler or coffee if that’s more their style




For those who prefer something a bit more sentimental

  • A piece of jewellery that represents something meaningful and that they can hold on to forever
  • A DIY project – think picture collages, chores coupons, handmade scarf
  • A bottle of perfume or cologne so that they can think of you when they wear it
  • A personalised gift from a site like ETSY e.g. a hoodie, mug, display pillow etc.
  • A framed photo that captures one of your best adventures together




For those foodies amongst us

  • A snack hamper filled with all their favourite goodies to munch on during the holidays
  • A cookbook so that they can recreate their favourite restaurant meals
  • Cooking accessories like a beautiful cheeseboard or trendy whiskey glasses
  • A food kit – e.g. make your own truffle kit, DIY whiskey and rum making kit
  • Artisan treats such as beer jelly, specialty craft beer or gourmet nuts or fruit snacks




For the quirky

  • A specialty T-shirt that features their favourite band or TV show e.g. Friends
  • A book about one of their uncommon interests e.g. speaking klingon, larking or cosplaying
  • Unique stationery products featuring their specific passions e.g. unicorns, vampires etc
  • A cool class which speaks to their interests e.g. A nude sketch class or ceramic making
  • Novelty goods like a glow in the dark Dr Who lamp and scratch-off travel maps




For your techy loved ones

  • An online game like football manager or whatever is their favourite genre
  • Cool speakers so they can bang their tunes whenever they like
  • Trendy headphones because the one they have will break eventually… as always
  • Power bank chargers because everyone needs them and they come in really cool designs these days




For that one person  who you have absolutely no idea what to buy

  • A gift card to their favourite store so they can choose what they like
  • Remember cash is always a popular and well received option 😊


I hope these affordable options make your Christmas shopping less stressful and that you can find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Also, if you happen to be spending Christmas on campus away from your family, check out our post “Five tips for surviving the holidays on campus”.

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Merry Christmas and happy shopping!😊

Dr Gabi

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