Why you should celebrate Valentine’s Day …even if it’s a commercial gimmick

Last Friday night while having some drinks with friends, we noticed the Valentine’s Day Specials that had been printed and left on the pub’s table. Of course, the usual spiel about Valentine’s Day being an entirely commercialised day, dreamed up and marketed by the card/chocolate/food service industry was duly recited. Now while this is absolutely true, I still believe that there’s great value in a day dedicated to celebrating love and those you love. So, while many,  like my boyfriend, claim the doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s day (he does – he just doesn’t know it lol), here are a few reasons why I think we should give this holiday a second chance!


Why should you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Because you can:

Life is short …. Really short. Just yesterday I was reminded that you can literally be here one day and be gone the next. We all get wrapped up in our own problems and lives, so I am all for a day that forces you to rearrange your schedule and make some time to connect with your loved ones (dinner and chocolate optional).

Selamat justina blakeney love word art


Because it isn’t just a day for lovers:

In my house Valentine’s Day was never just for lovers, it was family too (thanks for the chocolates mom!). I grew up believing that V-day is about celebrating any type of love – so even if you’re not in a romantic relationship, feel free to celebrate with your mom, your sisters, or your girlfriends (a la Carrie and Miranda in the Sex & the City Movie haha).



Because you can make it your own:

If you hate how commercialised and stereotypical the ‘chocolates + flowers + dinner date’ can be,  you can do valentine’s your own way.  You can celebrate it a day early or a few days late (when chocolates are on sale), or you can do something totally unconventional… like taking your partner or friends to go indoor rock climbing or outdoors for a hike. There’s no rule book for Valentine’s so you can really tailor the celebration to you and your loved one’s tastes.

Celebrate outdoors!


Because you can do it at low-cost:

Trust me when I say I love to save money (See my posts on Money Management) and Valentine’s day is no exception. You can have a gorgeous low-cost celebration, by simply cooking a fancy meal at home, setting up a massage station in your bedroom, planning a potluck games night with your friends or having a picnic with your family. You don’t need to splash out tons of money to have a fun celebration with your tribe.

HOuse doctor table setting
Have a fancy night in!


Because it’s an opportunity to make a memory

I once read a quote that said “No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of rest”. AMEN. So instead of just laying around watching TV, take the opportunity to make a memory. Memories last a lifetime and you can always catch up on Netflix any other day of the week haha.

Good advice!

I hope I’ve helped sway your opinion on one of our most controversial holidays, but even if I haven’t, I hope next Thursday is a special one for you either way!

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Thanks again!

Dr Gabi

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