About Us

My E-Supervisor is a service that allows you to get your papers or thesis assessed and edited by academics (PhDs) before you submit to your university.
As our team of academics has learnt over time, while many students posess the skills to write a satisfactory draft of their paper or thesis, the rigour and time that it takes to proofread and meticulously edit acacdemic work can be overwhelming for some. As a result, many students turn in work that is merely sufficient when their ideas and work  had the potential to be much more proficient and earn them much higher grades.
With My E-Supervisor students can submit their thesis chapters or papers and have them edited and returned with detailed track change suggestions. We also include an additional full page report that outlines the weak points in your work and offers  precise suggestions on how to improve their argument, writing style and overall coherence before submission to their university.


What makes My E-Supervisor different?
  • We improve your work. My E-Supervisor is not your typical proofreading or editing service. Our team reads your work, identifies the shortcomings, edits and proofreads your work and provides the clear academic guidance that will help you improve the quality, coherence and rigour of your work.
  • Our academics. Our team consists of academics who are currently enrolled in or have completed PhD programmes. All our team members also have previous experience teaching at university and grading essays/theses.
  • Our price. Our service is competitively priced so that the students who need it can afford to comfortably use it.
  • Confidentiality. As academics we recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of the students we work for, so My E-Supervisor deletes all submissions after the assessments have been returned to the student.
  • We do not write papers for our students as we strive to uphold the integrity of both our academics and their affiliated institutions. Instead, we work with you to help you improve your own work.
To read a sample of the type of assessments we do visit out ‘Samples of our work page.
To view our prices visit our Submit your work page.


Thank you for choosing My E-Supervisor!