The ultimate ‘Welcome Week’ guide

The first week of university is one of the most exciting weeks you’ll spend on campus. It can however become quite overwhelming trying to not get lost while making new friends and taking advantage of all that ‘Welcome Week’ has to offer. So below I’ve listed some of my top tips to help you make... Continue Reading →

6 Quick ways to earn money over the vacation

I don’t know about you, but one of my absolute favourite times of year is the ‘summer’ or ‘July/August’ vacation!  🙂 However hanging out with friends, taking trips and eating everything in sight can become quite pricey, very quickly. So for those of you who haven’t landed a paid internship or summer job, here are... Continue Reading →

10 Graduation ceremony tips & tricks

It’s graduation season! So seeing as I’ve graduated university three times (BA, MA, Phd) –  allow me give you some quick advice to help make the day less stressful and even more enjoyable!   Arrive earlier than you need to If there is one day you want everything to be perfect – it’s graduation. However,... Continue Reading →

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