A Quick Guide: Finding sources for your bibliography….when you’re in a rush

We’ve all been there – the place where you’ve procrastinated and delayed writing your paper and are left in a panic at the last minute. While you may have a fair idea about what you intend to write in your paper, in academia, papers require more than just one voice – you need to incorporate... Continue Reading →

Staying fit at University – 7 simple tips!

As the buzz of the New Year winds down, it’s time to get serious about those New Year’s goals we all made – one of which always revolves around being a healthier version of ourselves in the coming year. As a student, the new year means new courses, new assignments and new stresses, but it... Continue Reading →

Bouncing back after bad midterm results

University is challenging and for most students examinations are by far the most difficult and daunting tasks. Having been through my fair share of exams (as both a student and as a lecturer), I understand first-hand how disappointing it can be when you don’t perform as well as you thought you would. However it’s important... Continue Reading →

Black Friday – A student guide

If you’re a university student – you learn quickly that ‘sales’ and ‘specials’ are your new best friends. Below I’ve rounded up the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that suit the student budget. ENJOY! If you’re looking to update your WARDROBE: New Look: 25% off everything (no code necessary). Shop the sale here.... Continue Reading →

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